Sunday, January 9, 2011

Today my journey begins: The birth of CarnieReject

March, 2010....I divorced the worlds biggest asshole. If assholes could actually speak this guy would be one giant stinky balloon knot. I decided to take my time with dating. Almost  year later and im ready, to an extent. You see, I'm not ready persay, but I am ready to keep my mind occupied while filling my physical and emotional needs. Today I sat upstairs like Ive done many of times with my psuedo mother and brother. I noticed that my brother was signing up for "POF" (*Plenty of Fish) and the best idea came into my head. BING, I'm going to sign up and document my dating experiences as I go along. one hour later and my profile was completed and I already had two pages of private messages. All had little or nothing eye catching to say. The only one that stuck out was a man claiming to be 29. He obviously looked about 40 and all I could think of was, "This is going to be a long and humorous journey".

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  1. Looking forward to your documentation of this voyage of yours and wish you the best of luck! but most of all, be safe please! I loved the YouTube clip you provided as well, awesome background music as I read your first blog! Good stuff!